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Do you have condensation streaming down the inside of your windows?
Do you have black mould on walls, ceilings or inside wardrobes?
Do you suffer from respiratory problems?

If so, then you've come to the right place for a solution!

But don't take our word for it. Here's what just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers think.

"My goodness me it is a miracle. Brilliant job. I had to wipe the windows, sills and mop up the carpet. It's only installed a few days and what a difference. Musty smells have now gone in my bedroom. A-lande Ventilation are a very nice company."
Mrs T Owens, Ballymoney.

"We thought it was rising damp! Phoned A-Lande Ventilation their unit did the job completely. Condensation was running down the walls….under carpets… It's NOW GREAT!!"
Mr A Gamble, Belfast.

We noticed first big change in my son’s asthma within 3 days. His peak flow reading had increased from 250 to 295.. and does not use ventolin anymore . He says his room is not stuffy any more and It feels like sleeping with the roof off! Condensation gone, It's just great!"
Mrs G Burns, Banbridge.

"I'm v
ery, very pleased. My wife suffers from asthma and now she finds it easier to breathe! You can’t put a price on health. The unit is silent. It's just great." 
Mr. I Winters, Aughnacloy.

After research and looking into other ventilation systems, I chose the A-Lande Ventilation unit because why pay more for the same results? I'm very satisfied."
Mr. Wm Adams.

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We're based in Northern Ireland and have a full range of ventilation solutions specialising in positive pressure ventilation (also known as positive input ventilation).

We offer a a full design and installation service at highly competitive prices.

We've installed 1000's of units and have over 15 years of experience in the field of air management. 

You can be sure that we'll find the correct solution for you.

Whole house ventilation units start at £200 (excluding VAT) or for a new build property we have a BBA approved and certified unit at £344 (VAT free).

Please call us on +44 (0) 2892 682768 to discuss your own requirements.

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(Disclaimer: Whilst we will endeavour to keep the website updated however, A-Lande Ventilation reserve the right to change prices without notice. The price we will quote over the phone will always be the correct one.)